Tips For Youth

An Analysis of the Current State of the World and Tips for a More Productive and Enjoyable Life

Tip #1 Do Not Expect to Receive an Adequate Education from a Government School

The first thing that one must realize is that over the last 150 years or so (after the Industrial Revolution of the mid-to-late 1800s and the early 1900s), a large group of powerful, wealthy individuals succeeded in subverting the United States republic our ancestors founded (no, it’s not a democracy, even though most people refer to it as such) to suit their own best interests. They did so by buying off virtually everyone in a position of power and influence that they needed to and by installing into positions of power and influence those who would serve their collective best interests. I call the individuals who did that the “Establishment Elite.”

That Establishment Elite control the whole public (Government) school system in this country (along with just about everything else). They are not interested in ensuring that our youth receive high-quality educations. Their only interest is in producing passive, easily manipulated, employees to work in their companies. So our youth are only taught the bare minimum needed for them to function effectively (and some would probably argue that they are not even taught that).

(In order to help ensure that others refrain from better educating themselves and remain passive and easily manipulated, the Establishment Elite heavily promote all sorts of entertaining diversions such as using social media, watching television shows, watching professional sports, playing video games, attending concerts, attending movies, etc. They also heavily promote social interaction during which alcohol and recreational drugs are consumed, e.g., going to bars, nightclubs, and parties. To pacify and easily manipulate people is also why so many are prescribed mind-altering medications.)

So in order to get ahead in this world, everyone needs to realize that they cannot simply rely on the public (Government) schools to educate them. They need to go above and beyond that on their own by being curious, being investigative, and supplementing their basic education themselves.

If you have the opportunity, on average you will receive a higher quality education from a charter school, a private school or a parochial school. At the very least, take it upon yourself to supplement your education.

Tip #2 Since Government Schools Fail to Teach Students How to Be Self-Employed, Interested Ones Will Have to Educate Themselves as to How to Accomplish That

The Founders of this great country were very well-educated and very well-versed in the fields of philosophy, law, finance, commerce, human nature, etc. After the American Revolution by which they freed themselves from the dictates of the brutal tyrant, King George III of England, they had the opportunity to form a new, free nation from scratch. They thought, they debated, and they fought long and hard about the best way to do it. What they came up with was the system of Free Enterprise in which individuals and companies compete with each other in the Free Marketplace. This is the best system that man has ever devised. Good ideas get rewarded and bad ideas fall by the wayside.

One of the nice things about that economic system is that because Society is constantly changing and evolving, new opportunities to take advantage of all that change and evolution are constantly appearing. If one is intelligent and well-educated about a particular field of interest and pays attention to what is going on within it, he or she can succeed in taking advantage of all that knowledge and foresight. But our youth are not generally taught the basics of becoming self-employed entrepreneurs in public schools. The Establishment Elite just want employees.

That is not to say that employees cannot be successful. Many employees are very successful. But there are also many employees who are only moderately successful and many who are barely getting by. Being self-employed rather than being an employee is another opportunity to consider.

Tip #3 One Method for Developing a Satisfying Career Is to Get Started in an Endeavor that Interests You and Learn All of the Various Aspects of Perpetuating It

One method for an individual to succeed in this world is to work at a company that is engaged in the type of endeavor in which he or she is interested, like photography, fashion, construction, agriculture, auto repair, whatever. Even if it takes working part-time or working for free to get started, try to become involved there. Then, after you learn how to do something well, begin learning about every other facet of how to manage that type of business, e.g., bookkeeping, advertising and marketing, hiring people, training people, purchasing supplies efficiently, setting up the proper tax structure, getting financing, etc. After you learn how to do everything, you will then have the options of staying with that company, going to work for another company in that field, starting your own business, or possibly even acquiring the business where you got started.

Tip #4 In Spite of Spending a Tremendous Amount of Money on Education, the United States Has a Poorer Educational System than Many Other Industrialized Nations. You Must Supplement Your Education Yourself.

One would think that with all of the proclamations by Americans that our country is the greatest of all the countries in the world we would also have the greatest and most effective educational system in the world. We don’t. Far from it. According to, the United States doesn’t even rank in the top 20 list! (Here is the link to their report.)

And that is even though the United States invests more money on education than any other country! Here is a link to a report about it.

There is a tremendous amount of evidence demonstrating that Governments ruin virtually everything in which they become involved. The sorry state of the United States education system is even more evidence of that fact.

So don’t rely on just a Public (Government) school to provide you with an adequate, useful education. Go above and beyond that by educating yourself as much as you can. Be inquisitive. Be investigative. And don’t stifle your ability to learn by wasting too much of your time on the myriad of distractions which abound in life or get caught up in a cycle of addiction by ingesting too much alcohol or recreational drugs.

Tip #5 Be Aware that Many University and College Professors and Administrators Have Been Brainwashed into Believing that Socialist/Communist Political/Economic Systems Actually Work. They Don’t. Those Individuals Then Brainwash Their Students, Many of Whom Become Schoolteachers.

Be aware that the Establishment Elite who succeeded in commandeering our educational system for their own benefit were able to accomplish that by first installing their minions and toadies into our colleges and universities as professors. Many of those professors have been indoctrinating their students with anti-Free Enterprise, anti-Capitalist, pro-Socialist/Communist propaganda for decades. Many of those students then became high school and primary school teachers, as well as other influential members of our society. Those brainwashed primary and secondary school teachers then indoctrinated their students with anti-Free Enterprise, anti-Capitalist, pro-Socialist/Communist propaganda.

There is not one scintilla of evidence that Socialism or Communism are in any way viable economic systems, yet Socialist U.S. Senator and 2016 Democrat Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is one of the most popular individuals among Leftists. That is clear and convincing evidence of how pervasive Socialist/Communist indoctrination has become in our society.

Don’t fall prey to such brainwashing from your teachers or others. Evaluate everything rationally and logically for yourself and then make your own decisions.

Tip #6 Most Self-Proclaimed “Liberals” Are Not Liberal at All! Don’t Buy Into Their Failed Ideologies.

Be aware that many so-called “Liberals” are no longer liberal. To be liberal means to be open-minded, tolerant, and open to listening to ideas with which one may not necessarily agree. The only way to discern the truth of any given matter is to openly discuss it. If the matter has merit, it will survive. If it doesn’t, it will be jettisoned.

However today, modern-day “Liberals” are anything but liberal. They are closed-minded and intolerant. Many of them have formed and joined intolerant, violent groups like “Antifa”, which is a shortened version of the term “Anti-Fascists.” Those intolerant individuals mask their identities and then demonstrate, assault, and riot against anyone with whom they do not agree. Many Antifa members have even been exposed as college/university professors and schoolteachers! One Californian named Eric Clanton was a former college professor who was arrested and prosecuted for smashing a pro-freedom activist in the head with a padlock fitted into a heavy stocking (a “lock-in-a-sock”).

So don’t buy into the idea that “liberal” individuals are somehow better or more intelligent than other people. Many of them became “liberal” after being brainwashed while attending college. They may have received more education than others, but that extra education is worthless if they were brainwashed into believing incorrect information or doctrines.

Tip #7 Regarding Typical Male-Female Sexual Intercourse, Quite Often the Male Reaches Orgasm, But the Female Doesn’t. It Would Probably Be Better if They Both Achieved Orgasm.

Since this effort is primarily being written for our youth and, since evolution has endowed them with raging sex hormones intended to maintain and perpetuate our human species, I should write a little about sexual intercourse.

I have been a partner in many intimate relationships during the course of my life, some of them lasting for quite a few years. However, I suspect that only a small percentage many of the sex acts in which I participated during all that time ever resulted in my female partner reaching orgasm. Typically, my partner and I would have sex for a while, I would reach orgasm, and that would be the end of it.

It has been rumored for a long time that some women fake having orgasms during sex and that is probably true. Quite often it seemed to me that my partner would be satisfied with just being intimate. I don’t know if my partners didn’t really care that much about reaching orgasm; or whether they gave themselves orgasms when I wasn’t around; or something else.

Something that I never knew about until a few years ago was women having the ability to forcefully ejaculate copious amounts of liquid when they reach orgasm. And sometimes reaching orgasm can cause some women to quiver uncontrollably. I don’t know if my sex partners were too embarrassed to inform me about those things at the time, but I wish I had known about them then!

(Some people dispute that some women have the ability to forcefully ejaculate copious amounts of liquid during sex. One famous porn star that I know of is adamant that what is being ejaculated is only urine. But after watching many videos showing it occurring, I believe that most women do have that ability.)

To further openness and better, more satisfying relationships, I would encourage both partners (or more, for some people, I guess) to achieve orgasm during sexual encounters, even if the female has to masturbate. That way, both partners can together experience the euphoria that orgasms bring. And the male might learn how to help his partner achieve orgasms in the future.

Establishment Elite Background Information

In Tip #4 above, I asserted that Governments ruin virtually everything in which they become involved because of incompetence. However, I believe that the problem is actually much worse than that. The Establishment Elite to whom I referred earlier have been proactively manipulating many the world’s events in order to maximize the amount of profits they earn and maximize the power and influence they have over the rest of us for decades!

In his Farewell Address to the United States of America in 1961, outgoing two-term U.S. President and World War II 5-star general Dwight Eisenhower warned everyone to beware of the ability of individuals involved in the military and in the huge arms industry which supplies it (the “military-industrial complex”) to acquire too much power and influence over our lives. Since then, their power over much of our government and over much of the mainstream news and entertainment media has also been consolidated. So now we have a “military-industrial-government-mainstream media complex.”

I believe that subsequent to the Industrial Revolution, some of the newly-created, wealthy “industrialists” (probably in conjunction with some long-time wealthy and powerful individuals) realized that they could acquire exorbitant amounts of additional profit by fomenting turmoil and war across the planet and manufacturing arms and munitions to supply the parties of all that turmoil and war. They also realized that they could use their power and influence to create contrived enemies and bogeymen whom we could worry about and fight both hot and cold wars.

I believe that after the Russian Revolution of 1917, the West was heavily involved in creating our decades-long mortal enemy, the Soviet Union! I won’t detail much of the evidence for my belief here, but one interesting item to note was that during much of the United States’ so-called “Cold War” with the Soviet Union, the U.S. chief executive of the major energy conglomerate Occidental Petroleum, Armand Hammer, could enter and exit the Soviet Union anytime he wished. There were rumors that he could fly his plane into and out of Moscow at will. How could he have accomplished that if the United States and the Soviet Union were such mortal enemies?

I also believe that the United States was duped into entering World War II in order to prevent Germany’s Adolf Hitler and the Nazis from destroying the Soviet Union! During the Great (global) Depression that began in 1929, Germany was particularly hard-hit. Hyper-inflation and poverty were rampant there and Adolf Hitler was able to leverage all of the Germans’ anger against it to become their leader. Because of his actions, he acquired millions of followers and supporters. Amazingly, one million non-German Europeans also supported him in his efforts to restore Germany and Europe to greatness by joining the Waffen SS.

Because of the rise of the German empire, Germany and the Soviet Union were on a collision path. Many Americans wanted the United States to join the effort to stop Germany from taking over the whole of Europe. However, many other Americans did not want us to get involved. Then on the fateful date of December 7, 1941, the Japanese, who were allied with the Germans, launched a surprise air attack on much of the U.S. Navy docked at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. That was the trigger that caused the United States to enter World War II against both the Japanese and the Germans (as well as the other member of the “axis”, Italy). Our entry into World War II was instrumental in preventing Adolf Hitler and the Nazis from decimating the Soviet Union.

Many individuals believe that the Establishment Elite orchestrated the Japanese attack on the United States at Pearl Harbor as a pretext for us joining World War II and saving the Establishment Elite-created Soviet Union from being destroyed. I am one of those.

The Soviet Union continued being our common enemy until if finally collapsed in 1991, unable to sustain itself. The profits that ensued from the “arms race” that occurred between the two “super powers” for all those decades made the war-profiteering Establishment Elite fabulously wealthy.

After the demise of the Soviet Union, many believe that the Establishment Elite had to contrive other “bogeymen” to be the United States’ and its other Western allies’ common enemies. Many believe that they actually contrived a whole host of them!

The major ones against whom we have fought since the demise of the Soviet Union are, first, Palestinian Abu Nidal; then, Iraqi Saddam Hussein; then, Libyan Muammar Gaddafi; then, Saudi and former U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) asset Osama bin Laden; then, the Afghani Taliban; then, al-Qaeda; then the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS); then, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL); etc. There are probably many more. After the Establishment Elite run out of humans against whom to wage war, they will probably contrive a significant attack against a Western power by alien beings from Outer Space! I wouldn’t put it past them!

Finer Points

Much of what is written above refers to a generic “Establishment Elite” which has used its power, wealth, and influence for over a century to manipulate world events and the state of global Society as a whole. I allege that it has done so to increase its wealth, as well as its global power and influence. However, I believe that the Establishment Elite have also had another goal in mind, i.e., to destroy the Middle Class of society and return us to a time in which there were only two classes of citizens–the wealthy and the poor! A prosperous, wide-spread Middle Class of society really only came into being after the end of World War II in 1945.

Unfortunately, I also believe that there is problem much more pervasive and much more insidious than all of that delineated above. I believe that there is a move underway by another major element of global society to destroy Western civilization and its influence in the world and replace it with itself as our global overlords!

Consider the fact that for many decades there a been a move underway to destroy the basic building block of Western civilization, the family. Via its control, influence, and manipulation over much of our news and information, much of our entertainment (television, music, movies, social media, video games, sporting events, etc.), many of the laws enacted by various governments, etc., Establishment Elite-controlled and -manipulated “Popular Culture” has promoted many activities which are detrimental to the existence of families. (Those activities are also detrimental to other facets of our society, but their effects on families are fundamental.)

Included among them are recreational drug and alcohol abuse; promiscuity; infidelity between married spouses and unmarried partners; over-prescription of anti-depressants and other mood-altering drugs; homosexuality; perversity; racism against and marginalization of white people, especially white males; miscegenation or race mixing; exportation of many good-paying jobs to foreign countries; the breakdown of society due to rampant illegal immigration (which contribute to higher crime rates, higher taxes, lost job opportunities, etc.); forced medication of many of our children to make them easier to control; undermining the sanity of many individuals via gender switching and race-switching; etc. Amazingly, the racism promoted against white people has become so pervasive and wide-spread that many white people now even hate other white people as well as their white ancestors! The ability to achieve that amount of absurdity is a testament to the efficacy of mass media mind-control techniques!

Unfortunately, I do not believe that the amount of insidiousness stops there. One might observe that many members of the Establishment Elite are also members of Western civilization. So why would members of Western civilization be proactively attempting to destroy the very civilization that their own ancestors created and to which they belong?

Here is the reason. I assert that that most of Western civilization was created by white people. However, I believe that there is a non-white faction of Western civilization attempting to wrest control from them and install themselves as our global overlords.

Would it be the blacks? No. Would it be the Asians? No. Would it be the Hispanics? No. Would it be Jewish people? Bingo!

Comparing the average Intelligence Quotient (I.Q.) scores of the various races, the Asians and the Jews have the highest at approximately 115 points. (That coincidence is not surprising since the Khazars/Ashkenazis originated in Asia before being banished for their aggressiveness, cruelty, viciousness, etc. and later becoming Jews.) At approximately 15 points below that are white people. At approximately 10 points below that are Hispanic people. At approximately 5 points below that are black people.

Because of their higher level of intelligence and naturally-ingrained tenacity and aggressiveness, many Jews have been able to excel in establishing themselves in positions of global power and influence. That is especially amazing when one considers their relatively small global population. (Jews reportedly only comprise 2%-3% of the total United States population.)

Certain Jews have acquired extraordinary power, control, and influence within many aspects of global society. Those include the fields of international banking, finance and investment, government (especially in the West), news and entertainment media conglomerates, industry, commerce, the judiciary, law, academia, the military, etc. (I have another website in which I describe how I believe certain powerful Jews are conspiring with one another to install themselves as our global overlords and control the entire world. It is located at


So there you have it, my assertions and observations on the status of modern society gleaned from decades of study. I hope that the foregoing can help you in some meaningful way. Please feel free to contact me on the Contact Page if you have any questions or comments.

Sincerely yours,

Steven A. Swan