I Have Added Headings to My Tips

I have added headings to my Tips on this website and on my Tips For Youth Facebook page. They are as follows:

Tip #1 Do Not Expect to Receive an Adequate Education from a Government School

Tip #2 Since Government Schools Fail to Teach Students How to Be Self-Employed, Interested Ones Will Have to Educate Themselves as to How to Accomplish It

Tip #3 One Method for Developing a Satisfying Career Is to Get Started in an Endeavor that Interests You and Learn All of the Various Aspects of Perpetuating It

Tip #4 In Spite of Spending a Tremendous Amount of Money on Education, the United States Has a Poorer Educational System than Many Other Industrialized Nations. You Must Supplement Your Education Yourself.

Tip #5 Be Aware that Many University and College Professors and Administrators Have Been Brainwashed into Believing that Socialist/Communist Political/Economic Systems Actually Work. They Don’t. Those Individuals Then Brainwash Their Students, Many of Whom Become Schoolteachers.

Tip #6 Most Self-Proclaimed “Liberals” Are Not Liberal at All! Don’t Buy Into Their Failed Ideologies.

Tip #7 Regarding Typical Male-Female Sexual Intercourse, Quite Often the Male Reaches Orgasm, But the Female Doesn’t. It Would Probably Be Better if They Both Achieved Orgasm.


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