I Have Added Headings to My Tips

I have added headings to my Tips on this website and on my Tips For Youth Facebook page. They are as follows:

Tip #1 Do Not Expect to Receive an Adequate Education from a Government School

Tip #2 Since Government Schools Fail to Teach Students How to Be Self-Employed, Interested Ones Will Have to Educate Themselves as to How to Accomplish It

Tip #3 One Method for Developing a Satisfying Career Is to Get Started in an Endeavor that Interests You and Learn All of the Various Aspects of Perpetuating It

Tip #4 In Spite of Spending a Tremendous Amount of Money on Education, the United States Has a Poorer Educational System than Many Other Industrialized Nations. You Must Supplement Your Education Yourself.

Tip #5 Be Aware that Many University and College Professors and Administrators Have Been Brainwashed into Believing that Socialist/Communist Political/Economic Systems Actually Work. They Don’t. Those Individuals Then Brainwash Their Students, Many of Whom Become Schoolteachers.

Tip #6 Most Self-Proclaimed “Liberals” Are Not Liberal at All! Don’t Buy Into Their Failed Ideologies.

Tip #7 Regarding Typical Male-Female Sexual Intercourse, Quite Often the Male Reaches Orgasm, But the Female Doesn’t. It Would Probably Be Better if They Both Achieved Orgasm.


Final Draft Published

My name is Steven A. Swan and I created this website to provide to our youth (or anyone else whom might be interested) details about the state of modern society gleaned by me from decades of curious observation.

I began publishing this website and its associated Facebook page on February 27, 2018. I finished the major revisions and major additions today.